Miss Mulcrow 2017

Nov 17

Children in Need

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Wow, thank you so much for sponsoring the children we raised a massive Β£286!!! As a school we have raised over Β£3000 with more sponsor money coming in! How amazing is that!
We have all loved spending the day in our pyjamas.. we were super cosy! The children enjoyed taking part in the run alongside Miss Atherton’s class and all of Year 2! We had a lot of tired children by the end!!

Nov 16

⭐️ Star of the Week – Anya

πŸ”’ Mathematician of the Week – Lucas S

Responsibility award – Harry M

Sports trophy – Elizabeth

Nov 10

⭐️ Star of the Week – Arran

πŸ”’ Mathematic of the Week – Alex W

Responsibilty award -Ben

Nov 05

As our new topic is ‘Flow’ we thought it would be a good idea to take the children on a walk to the local river to see what we had been learning about! Everyone had a fantastic walk to Haigh Hall and got to sketch the River Douglas. Hopefully there weren’t too many achy legs over the weekend!

Nov 05

⭐️ Star of the Week – Kacey

πŸ“ Writer of the Week – Max

πŸ”’ Mathematician of the Week – Gracie

Rule of Law – Lucas C


Oct 31

Messy Mapping!

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Welcome back after what I hope was a lovely half term! We have started our new topic Flow, which is all about water! Today, we looked at the different features of a river. Using our knowledge and lots of weird and wonderful resources we found around the classroom we created messy maps of a river system. Our maps show a source, waterfall, tributary, meander and mouth of a river.

Oct 31

Last day of term…

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As the Ancient Greeks founded the Olympic Games many years ago we thought it would be a perfect way to end our topic. The children had an amazing time competing against each other to be crowned victorious!

To say a big well done to those children who had read 3x each week the children made spider donuts! They were going to take them home but they looked that tasty that the children couldn’t wait to eat them!!

Oct 31

In Year Three we have been learning about an Ancient Greek myth in which a boy named Icarus escaped a prison by flying. His wings were made by his father from wax and feathers. According to the story, as the boy flew higher his wings began to melt and he plummeted to the sea. During our science day we questioned this and investigated what happens to wax in different temperatures. We made four replicas of Icarus’ wings and placed one in the oven, freezer, a bowl of water and left one at room temeperature. We concluded that the myth was inaccurate because as you climb higher into the atmosphere it actually gets colder and the wax model in the freezer became brittle. It did not melt!

We had an amazing time carrying out this investigation.

Which activity did you enjoy the most?

Oct 31

Hello Year 3,

What an amazing first half term we’ve had! I’m so proud of how hard you’ve all been working! I can tell that we are going to have a wonderful year together! Myself, Mrs Beard, Mrs Bevan and Mrs White feel very excited about the year ahead!

Please keep looking at our blog to see updates and photographs of the fun things that we have been doing in class! You may even want to leave a comment for us to share or reply to!

Miss Mulcrow 😊